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Embrace the Spiritual Intelligence of the Soul

Be Live Love - Spritual Growth

The Mentoring Program is to awaken the Spiritual Intelligence of the Soul. It is to embrace and align with the greater Self beyond the personality and making that the center for everyday living. It teaches ways to navigate life seamlessly between the spiritual and the material, and all in between.

The Mentoring Program is offered in packages of four sessions over six to eight weeks. Three sets are recommended. Each set is conducted over multiple weeks and reviewed with you before the next one commences.

Topics covered range from the Journey of the Soul between Spirit and Earth, study of the Energy-Body systems, Laws of Creation and Mind Action, the new science of Heart Power, practice of various tools of transformation and more.

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A one on one interview with Malabika will give you a chance to learn more about the program and ask your questions prior to joining the Program. Email [email protected] or call Malabika for a complimentary chat at +1 (515) 720-9520.

The focus of each session is customized in close consultation with you based on your knowledge, need, desire, pace and circumstances. Each session is personalized.

This Program is 100% hands on as all concepts are delivered around your life experiences. Structured assignments between sessions helps you take little steps towards big goals.

While you are registered in the Mentoring Program, Malabika will remotely clear energy for you and hold energetic space for your work to proceed smoothly.

Cost: One set of four sessions: $580 USD
Email Malabika at [email protected] to request an application form and set up an interview or call Malabika for a chat at +1.515.720 9520

One Set of 4 Mentoring Sessions: $580 USD

A sense of peace has come over me that is very comforting." Bev T. 


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.
Call now for your Complimentary 20-30 Minute Consultation with BE LIVE LOVEs™ Malabika Shaw.

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Sign up for Malabika’s unique BE LIVE LOVE Mentoring Program on Spiritual Intelligence. 
Sign up for Malabika’s unique BE LIVE LOVE™ Mentoring Program on Spiritual Intelligence.

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Set up an Energy Clearing and Intensive Healing session with Malabika.
Set up an Intensive Healing and Clearing session with BE LIVE LOVEs™ Malabika.

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Register for classes to learn techniques you can add to your own spiritual growth tool box.
Register for classes to learn techniques you can add to your own spiritual growth tool box - BE LIVE LOVE™

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