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Classes & Workshops - 2021 Calendar

Gene Keys Study Circle

April 22, 2021


Gene Keys Study Circle

May 27, 2021


Law of Attraction 

May 27 - June 3

Sponsored by NCE

Adv. SRT Review and Update

June 19, 2021

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Art of Conscious Creation

July 16 - 19

Sponsored by My Paravita

Gene Keys Study Circle

April 22 and May 27, 3 - 4 PM EST

This study circle is created to support individuals to wish to delve into the study of the Gene Keys. This body of knowledge is a potent tool for personal transformation. It is a step by step journey into Self-realization. In this small group we will support each other to find our own deeper truth.

Membership is limited to manage group energy and is offered on first come basis.

For details contact Malabika at [email protected]

Advanced SRT Review and Update Workshop

Effective 2021 SRT conferences will be held quarterly and they are open to all SRT practitioners. These workshops bring you up to date on processes and applications taught by Robert and veteran teachers. Spirit takes us deeper in our understanding as we ask more and more questions. These practices have emerged from the foundation of SRT practice.

19 June 2021

10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Cost $45

For more details contact Malabika at [email protected]

It was indeed such an unexpected healing and elevating experience. I feel indebted for life." Ashwani K. 


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