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"Dear Malabika,
Your YouTube mediations are truly wonderful.
Thank you for offering this as such a wonderful resource. I
really enjoy the ones you have lead and they support me through some difficult moments.


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.A huge thank you for the basic and advanced SRT courses.  I loved every minute of them, they were at the right pace for me, I learned loads, I am able to help so many more people and the system works perfectly to be able to learn it thoroughly online with other students in a live setting. I already have clients booked in to see me and I am rearing to go.  Such a joy to learn with you – thank you Malabika.

 --- Caroline Cousins, Hampshire, UK


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.I was frustrated with my efforts following the Law of Attraction for years, for I was still not getting what I wanted.  I couldn’t move past a stagnant relationship, and worked in a place that I had become a scape goat.  I needed guidance to get out of those ruts, and once I signed up for the spiritual mentoring program, I started getting so much clearer about what I really wanted and was able to let go of the relationship, and leave the old scape goat scenario behind. 

Fast forward a year after completing the 2nd portion of the class: My old relationship mended, I found a job in a positive, yet intensely satisfying job.  I paid off my debts and everything I wanted has worked out for me. I learned my relationship was never intended to be linear, the ups and downs are important, and a good thing. I also learned I attract people who are fearful at work, and am learning that I have a choice in who I want to spend my time with.  I am working on letting my light shine bright enough to not be responsible for others’ dramas. I have found my personal power, which I think we all really need to understand and want.  

Thank you Malabika, and I look forward to work on fine tuning my understanding with you in the future!

--- AM, Alaska, USA


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.Knowing that there is no such thing as a coincidence, I have to thank you for sending out this meditation specifically for me! I have been working on releasing a huge boulder that had been hindering my spiritual journey, and just within the last couple of weeks have had an epiphany that revealed the roots of the issue that was causing all of the behavioral symptoms that I have been working on for years.  

So this very morning, the issue hit me again from another side, and I journaled about it and was asking for guidance to release it and lo and behold, here was this newsletter from you with the exact meditation I needed! So thank you, my beautiful teacher, for this wonderful gift.

---- Fraya P, Iowa, USA


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.Thank you so much for the SRT session. It was really an eye opener and a wonderful experience. I am so blessed to have you assist and support me in my clearing. I will continue with my meditations and listening to (protocol) to re-program myself.  

--- V. Eng, Singapore


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.Malabika is truly amazing- she has been the catalyst for so much positive change in my life. Each time I work with Malabika, I feel I am evolving to be my best self for both my personal happiness and for those I interact with on a daily basis. She did a number of sessions with me and they were personally transformative.

Malabika has the unique ability to help one understand and accept oneself - a rare gift.
I highly recommend you make the life changing decision to work with her!

---Michelle P- Texas, USA


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw."Over the years, I have immensely gained from Malabika's spiritual presence. Sometimes, it's her expression I catch, and in those wise words, lies a forward path for me. At others, through her sessions with me to deal with many grave issues, she patiently and dexterously takes me out into the light and gives me clarity and realization through SRT, EFT, TAT, Heart awareness, Forgiveness meditation - she is always guided to use the right form of healing.

I really admire her easy connectivity with the Universe and interpreting for our highest good, the vibrations that Spirit communicates. Through her own evolved state of being, Malabika is a source of strength and authentic assurance that everything one needs is already provided by the Universe - one just has to learn to tune in and accept.

Malabika has to her credit, a storehouse of ways and methods which she applies very successfully under the guidance of her intuition and wisdom, for each person who reaches out to her. After each of her sessions, I was led to release old stuck patterns, with a deep realization and uplift.

She's fun to be with - always directing towards the eternal flow of Life, pointing out the novelty each moment brings. God bless her and keep her in great health, happiness and fulfillment."

--- Sushweta C – Kolkata India


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.I really appreciate your style of facilitation. You hold the knowledge space in a way that's very loving and accepting of all of us on the path so thank you!

--- Linda H. Texas, USA


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.Thank you for leading the conference call and discussion on the Soul and the Soul’s journey. You have a deep understanding of a soul’s purpose and one’s soul journey. I am in deep gratitude to you and am excited to continue expanding my SRT knowledge. What and honor and gift it is now to have SRT as a part of my personal and professional life!

--- M. L. Stone, Maine, USA


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.Malabika’s SRT has helped remove blockages and obstacles that lay buried deep in my sub-conscious. These prevented me from reaching my true potential, a potential that I was born with but had failed to connect to. The modern science of Epigenetics and the unraveling of the Genome tells us how we carry 9 generations of memory. We need to clear our sub-conscious from the negative impact of some of these ancestral memories. Malabika has been successfully doing this for me through her SRT technique. It allows me to literally reach for the stars. My love and deepest gratitude is for her grace, kindness and support.

--- Gautam M, Kolkata India


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.Malabika both possesses and can draw on a deep understanding and intuitive knowledge of human psychology.  I found her counseling and guidance very helpful as I worked through a particularly difficult period in my life.  

--- Steve S, Iowa, USA


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw. I have been preaching your wisdom from this email, and just wanted to express my gratefulness for you sharing that with me, the wheel is turning and it blows me away how accurate your insight was.
‘….The degree of your need to distance yourself from them is directly proportional to the degree of your own self-denial. This is where the healing must begin.’

--- Alex H, Bali, Indonesia


Call for your free consultation with Malabika Shaw.It's been almost two years since I started working on my energy with you and a lot has happened!  My husband and I are enjoying each other's company much more!  I am retiring in two weeks!!  YAY!!!  I no longer have fears about lack of money, but I'm still working on the sailing fears. I am so thankful to you for all of your help.  I'm not sure I could have gotten to this point without you.  You have my love and gratitude!

--- M. A. H., Iowa


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