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What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Response Therapy, or SRT, is a detailed process of researching the subconscious mind and Akashic Records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, heal unresolved emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma, and plant seeds of infinite possibility.



We are all energetic and spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies. We run programs on conscious and subconscious levels, much like a computer, and we can get stuck from time to time. Spiritual Response Therapy is a powerful method to clear the Soul of imbalances, negative programming, discordant energy, subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs, without the need to stir up painful memories. SRT is a wonderful tool to test for and then correct imbalances in the mind, body and soul creating space for health, abundance, clarity, joy, harmony and inner peace.

You research imbalances, negative programming, discordant energy, subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs using a dowsing system to communicate first with the subconscious mind and later with the super conscious mind or High Self. A meticulous step-by-step protocol was developed by Robert Detzler using 36 charts that he channeled over a 28 year period. SRT is one of the most comprehensive and powerful energy healing modalities known today. Using the charts you research and precisely identify negative programs, energy, blocks, beliefs and imbalances. You then clear them and reprogram the subconscious mind.


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Basic & Advanced Spiritual Response Classes (Learn SRT)

About Spiritual Response Therapy Classes

During the Integrated SRT Basic and Advanced Classes, you will have expert supervision while you learn to communicate with your High Self to:

You will explore methods to identify and release negative energies which may have arisen from a past life. You will learn to use a pendulum and research charts to clear yourself, your family, and friends of fears, traumas, conflicts, self-punishment, and to obtain inner direction.


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